How to host a safe event in South Africa

How to host a safe event in South Africa

As South Africa begins to reopen the event industry, we are excited to see more events, festivals and weddings take place. As passionate event lovers, we have missed seeing the joy these events and celebrations bring to so many people.

Whether you’re having a birthday celebration, wedding, anniversary, hosting a music festival or a rooftop party, here are some basic safety tips to keep your guests safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Create standard operating procedures

Creating a proper health and safety framework should be your first task. It’s important to have in writing exactly the best practices that both staff and guests can adhere to. A few basic standard operating procedures include:

Disinfection and washing hands

The easiest and most important implementation should be that there are waterless disinfection stations or washing stations available that all guests and staff have access to. A “no touch” sytem is best. Keeping good hygiene is one of the easiest ways to prevent an outbreak.

Wearing masks

No matter the size of your event, wearing a mask should still be compulsory. In some instances where food and drink takes place, it is acceptable for guests to remove their masks, however all staff should wear their masks at all times. An easy way to generate additional income is to sell branded masks on entry to your event.

Clear communication

Before the event takes place, make sure to have clear communication messages with your attendees. It’s important they are aware of al protocol that will take place. Signage should be available throughout the venue on event day. Spacing markers on the floor are a great visual marker for social distancing.

Social distancing

The current rules and regulations regarding events means that event venues in South Africa can accommodate up to 50% of their original capacity. That’s also capped at 250 for indoor events and 500 for outdoor events. Make sure adequate social distancing takes place at all times.

Disinfecting surfaces

Certain surfaces at events are considered high risk. Any high touch surface areas like bathrooms, bar counter-top tables and sitting tables should be disinfected regularly.

Get creative

It is likely that events will take a while to return to normal. Get creative with your ideas to keep guests entertained. Make them forget about the current world issues while still adhering to strict guidelines.

Start earlier

Under Level 1 of lockdown, curfew allows people to be out until 12AM. This is a lot earlier than most South Africans are used to, so make sure you start your event earlier. It’s also important to consider that screening guests on entry will take more time. Consider staggering your entrances according to particular ticket numbers or names.